Oregon Badlands Wilderness Elopement | Bend, OR

Romantic, Simple, and Sweet Oregon Badlands Wilderness Elopement

The simplicity of the desert landscape was exactly what Morgan wanted for her elopement. Above all, the elegance of her satin gown was beautifully highlighted amidst the ruggedness of the surroundings. Morgan and Drew wanted their day to be simple and sweet. So they decided to go ahead and get married in the Oregon Badlands wilderness during the midst of the pandemic. They kept their elopement intimate and invited only their immediate families and then they set plans to have a bigger celebration this summer.  

A Simply Delicious Evening

Fortunately, this couple loves a good party! So making the decision to elope wasn’t going to stop them from celebrating their extraordinary day. The wildflowers that graced the table were the perfect complement to the free-spirited fun of this couple. The sweetly simple and intimate theme continued at an AirBnB in Sunriver as we all gathered around a beautifully set country-styled table and enjoyed delicious pizza, salad, and wine. The best part was enjoying each other’s company. It was a truly remarkable time! 

Returning to The Spot of Their Oregon Badlands Wilderness Elopement

I had the pleasure of working with Morgan and Drew for each part of their beautiful celebration, or should I say celebrations! From their tender engagement to their Oregon Badlands wilderness elopement to capturing this summer celebration of their union, we had become such great friends! Despite traveling 3 hours to get to the delightful desert where the elopement magic happened, heading back to celebrate one more time was magical! Needless to say, capturing the love of these two was such a gift!

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