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Wedding Photography Price Guide: Why Having One Is A Must!

Bride and groom posing for a photo while holding hands and looking at opposite directions; image overlaid with text that reads Morgan Wirth Wedding Photography Guide: Why Having One Is A Must!

When it comes to wedding photography, offering a price guide might just be one of the best decisions you can make! Below you’ll discover the reasons why having your own price guide will take your photography to the next level and help you become the best photographer you can be!

I’ve written this blog to share with you the benefits having your own price guide can bring for both photographers and clients! Let’s dive in, friends!

What is a Wedding Photography Price Guide?

First, let’s start with the basics – what exactly is a wedding photography price guide? It is exactly what the name suggests, it’s a guideline for selling and pricing your wedding photography! The role of a price guide is to make your services easier to access and more visually organized for future clients to see.

Desktop and tablet with a template of wedding photography pricing guides; image overlaid with text that reads pricing guide

A price guide is not only a great marketing tool, but it’s also a great way to create an experience with your clients! Creating something beautiful to send to your clients will elevate their experience with you. If you’re ready to start your own wedding photography price guide – be sure to check out my guide on Etsy for a downloadable template!

What’s Included in a Wedding Photography Price Guide

A wedding photography price guide lays out what you have to offer as a photographer and can include your brand logo, your business name, and your wedding portfolio.

Pricing Packages 

With your own price guide comes the option to offer multiple packages – whichever suits your clients best! You can price your packages according to the location, time it takes to shoot, deliverables, etc. required to complete a full session.

Offering a price guide allows clients to select a pre-made package that best suits them in a timely and efficient manner. Each package can include customization options so that you end up creating something that is unique to each client. The amazing thing about packages is that they make this process really easy. This is a BIG plus for your clients and your wedding photography business!

Know Your Worth When You Begin Your Wedding Photography Price Guide

A lot of times when it comes to pricing – it can be tempting to charge less than what you’re actually working for in hopes that you’ll gain more clientele or up your portfolio game. My advice: know your worth and charge accurately for it! 

When it comes to you and your work – don’t downplay the energy and effort you put into making wedding photography happen. Your work is worth paying for and paying the right amount for! Be sure that you’re charging at a fair rate for both you and your clients.

If you need some guidance in this area – be sure to check out local rates of competitors to get a good idea of what you’d like to charge. Assess your work, be honest with yourself, and get to pricing, friend!

To help you decide your guide – here is a list of what it should cover: 

  • Time 
  • Editing 
  • Second shooters
  • Travel expenses 
  • Images
  • Print release 
  • Prints
  • Albums 
  • Additional shoots 
Oregon Wedding Photographer Morgan Wirth taking a photo of bride and groom as they stroll down an uphill highway

Having all of these areas covered and included in your price guide will give your clients a better idea of how much it costs to hire you as their photographer. It’s a clear and easy way to work out any kinks and get to connecting and shooting faster! 

The Benefits of a Wedding Photography Price Guide

There are so many benefits when it comes to having and offering your own price guide!

  • You’ll be paid appropriately for your work. 
  • Added details and necessary expenses should be covered so you don’t have to worry.
  • Your skillset will be more visually organized and easier to access. 
  • You’ll be more likely to be considered by clients. 
  • It takes the hassle out of picking different prices for every wedding.
  • It’s easier on your clients.
  • You’ll become more structured in your approach to wedding photography. 
  • It will help to build your wedding photography portfolio.

Stand Out From the Crowd

A price guide helps you stand out from the crowd and highlights you and your work!

When a client sees that you’ve already created a pricing guide – it makes their task of choosing you that much simpler. 

Having a guide sends a clear message to your clients that you’re on top of your game, you’re ready to get to workin’ – and you’re serious about making their wedding photography dreams come true.

Package Rates 

Another awesome benefit that comes with a price guide is having the ability to offer packages at differing rates. This allows your clients to select from a list of options so they can be sure to have the best plan for their big day! Think of it as an organized way to present options for your potential clients. It’s much more efficient!

Why a Wedding Photography Price Guide is a Must!

When it comes to wedding photography – a price guide is the icing on the cake. Having a price guide makes matching up with your dream clients simpler, faster, and so much more fun!

A wedding photography price guide is the perfect tool for your clients. It allows them to get a better idea of your work and your rates without all the extra fuss of researching and matching prices. 

Having a guide just makes servicing your clients easier! It reassures your clients that their investment is more than just a payment to a vendor. It is a unique experience – and a well-organized one at that! You just can’t go wrong with a wedding photography price guide. It’s beneficial to you, to your work, and to your clients too.

Wedding Photography Price Guide: Why Having One Is A Must! A wedding photographer takes a close up shot of bride and groom sharing an intimate embrace

Get Started on Your Own Wedding Photography Price Guide 

If you’re ready to begin creating your own price guide, my wedding photography price guide is a great way to start! It comes with 13 customizable pages, customizable color, font, and sizing all done on a program called Canva. My templates are filled out with copies to include or you can create your own!

If you’re interested in growing and learning more about how to expand your photography skills- be sure to check out my blog How to Choose the Right Photography Workshop For You!

I hope this blog has helped you discover that having your own wedding photography price guide will take your photography to the next level. Plus, it can benefit you in so many ways.

Here’s to you are and the steps you’re taking to become the best wedding photographer you can possibly be! 


Neutral color blocks with text that reads Wedding Photography Price Guide Why Having One is a Must!
Examples of wedding photography pricing guides overlaid with text that reads Wedding Photography Price Guide: Why Having One is a Must!

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