I was in your shoes a few years ago. Dress shopping, cake tasting, wedding planning, annnnd stressed!! When I was looking for wedding vendors, it was so daunting and overwhelming. I wanted vendors who would see my vision and execute it without me needing to give direction for every aspect! I also wanted every part of my day to be remembered.

I wanted to look back and remember how it felt holding onto my dad as he walked me down the aisle. I wanted to feel beautiful and fully myself! I needed direction and to be told exactly what to do with my hands and where to look for pictures!

My wedding vendors were specificaly chosen because I knew they had my best interest in mind! They were ready to rally behind us and make our day the most memorable!

This is the day you get to be surrounded by the ones who love you most. The ones who watched you grow up and walk belong side you as you two fell in love. Finding vendors who are all for you and will give you their best is so important so you can be fully present!

If you are in the same boat, then listen up cause I am pretty passionate about this..

I am morgan wirth, a dfw based PHOTOGRAPHER, EDUCATOR & YOUR NEWEST HYPE GAL

About Morgan

i will be..

Through the past 6 years, I have come to realize the best photos from your wedding day aren't the perfectly posed. They are the ones that capture you authentically yourself in the moment! They are the ones that you might not even know are being taken. It is so important to me to document your day as it happens, without feeling stressed or chaotic. I will be your advocate to allow the space and freedom on your wedding day to let those moments unfold!!

I love getting to capture all of God's creation and people's connection and ultimately that is the reason I do this! All the glory goes to Him and I feel so blessed that I get to document one of the most special days of people's lives. 

I am not the type of photographer who shows up on the day, takes your photos, and sends you your gallery a few weeks later.. I will be the one to help bustle your dress, and become friends with your bridal party! I will be rounding up the boys and making their photos fun for them too!

I photograph connection as it happens without any awkward poses.. I promise it will be fun!

+ your friend
+ a resource to you
+ your sounding board for all your plans
+ your idea giver.. i’m filled with ‘em
+ the party starter
+ your hyyyype girl

I'm more than just a vendor that shows up on your wedding day..

starting the party, always

professional dress bustler

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my sweetie

sunshine, hawaii, cultivating community, cute coffee shops, the mountains, warm weather, and interior designs

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nothing forced

I believe that the moments you want to remember aren't always perfect or scripted, they are uncut, raw and writhing with emotion.

Nothing forced. Nothing fake. 

you + me

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nothing forced

you + me

You are my priority. Your vision is my priority. I will do all that I can to ensure your day is exactly what you hope for.

You + Me.

my style

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my style

True to life.. but enhanced. 

 Intentional | Timeless  Movement + Moments
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My Style

you + me

nothing forced

core values

nothing forced

me + you

my style

core values

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