I was in your shoes a few years ago. Dress shopping, cake tasting, wedding planning!!  When I was looking for wedding vendors was so daunting and overwhelming. I wanted vendors who would see my vision and execute it without me needing to give direction for every aspect! I wanted every part of my day to be remembered.

I wanted to look back and remember how it felt holding onto my dad as he walked me down the aisle. I wanted to feel beautiful and fully myself! I needed direction and to be told exactly what to do with my hands and where to look for pictures! My wedding vendors were specifically chosen because I knew they had my best interest in mind! They were ready to rally behind us and make our day the most memorable!

i cannot freaking wait to tell your story!!

here is a little bit about mine


my approach

I am here to help you feel comfortable and be your biggest hype giiirl!! I quite literally will hype up your bridal party, dance party, and be there cheering you on! We are ditching the awkward + forced poses. I am here to capture those moments between you & your hun that make you reminisce on the exact feelings you had. Guys.. I get it... getting your photo taken can be freakin' intimidating sometimes, but I am there to direct and be super intentional about making you both feel so comfortable where you can fully trust me!

you + Me

I am based in Dallas Texas, but I am from the PNW! Take me to a waterfall or epic mountain & I will most likely try to convince you to pack up & move right there with me! I am trying to fit in as a southern gal now ;)

A few things to know about me..
-thrive off of sunshine  (hence why I moved to Texas)
-iced coffee (if you follow me on IG.. iykyk
- enneagram 7

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