I am here to help you feel comfortable be your biggest hype giiirl!! We are ditching the awkward forced poses, to capture those moments between you & your hun that make you reminisce one day saying "ahhh to be young again" bringin' you right back to those sweet feelings. Guys.. I get it, getting your photo taken can be freakin' intimidating sometimes, but I am there to direct and be super intentional about making you both feel so comfortable where you can fully trust me!

i believe your story deserves to be told

you + me

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My Approach

I am not for everyone, and ya know I've come to terms with being okay with that. If you know anything about the enneagram, I am a 2! I am your gal if you are ready to fully trust your photographer. I am yours if you are about the messy real life, heart dropping love that isn't always picture perfect. I am 1000% in this for you and ready to serve you. I go above and beyond for my clients.. BECAUSE you deserve it. You deserve to be spoiled! I wanna be besties even before your wedding day, going into it already knowing what to expect when I show up on your day!
So if you are ready to let go of control of this area, and trust me.. oooo girl we are ready for some fun!

You can find me at Target, cozied up in my office, or at the cutest local bakery (cause goodies, duh). 

In the past 4 years, I have found a new love and passion for photography. I have spent these years traveling across the country and overseas capturing all that I see! I love Jesus and the fact that He is allowing my dreams to become reality.

To be completely honest, I'm a little different.

I am based in a dream town.. Bend Oregon. Central Oregon is filled with mountain biking, boarding, rivers + lakes. Take me to a waterfall or epic mountain & I will most likely try to convince you to pack up & move right there with me! 
A few things to know about me.. I seriously thrive off of sunshine, coffee, and anything that gets me outside and movin! I am a wife to my husbabe Brad! I love traveling (but who doesn't..) and getting to capture some epic people in some epic places. I'm sure from my website you can tell, I love happy colors! 

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