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Choosing An Oregon Elopement Photographer: Everything You Need To Know

Groom tucks bride's hair behind her ear as he looks at her endearingly during their intimate elopement photoshoot; image overlaid with text that reads Choosing An Oregon Elopement Photographer Everything You Need To Know

So you want to find the best Oregon elopement photographer for your upcoming Oregon wedding? Being an Oregon photographer myself, I make it my goal to set clients up for success and shoot the dream wedding they’ve been waiting for!

That’s why I’ve come up with this list of things you’ll need to know when it comes to choosing the perfect Oregon elopement photographer for your big and beautiful day! Let’s get started!

Do Your Research 

Before you pick your dream Oregon elopement photographer, I highly recommend doing some research on elopement photographers in the Oregon area. Check out their websites, their portfolios, read reviews, and compare prices! You can even reach out to past clients to hear their experiences and recommendations! 

Consider Your Style!

The next thing you’ll want to consider is your style and the mood you want your wedding to portray. If you’re a bright-colored kind of gal – then look for an Oregon elopement photographer who doesn’t mind playing with a little bit of warmth and color.

If you prefer a dramatically styled shoot – then search for that! Whatever you want your wedding vibe to be, be sure your Oregon elopement photographer can match it!

Pick a Photographer with Experience 

I can never stress enough the importance of picking a photographer who has some experience and knowledge up their sleeve when it comes to elopement photography! 

There is nothing like an experienced Oregon elopement photographer to make your wedding seamless and smooth. A photographer who has a portfolio and a track record of well-captured elopements is definitely someone you want to consider! Plus – working with a photographer who has done this a few times before helps to alleviate any stress you might have about your big day!

Being based in Oregon myself, I’ve had the privilege to shoot some beautiful Oregon elopements. If you’re interested in some of the work I’ve done, be sure to check out this glamorous wedding I shot in Southern Oregon! 

Pick a Photographer Who Knows the Land

Oregon is full of plenty of stunning locations to shoot at. Depending on the Oregon location you choose – your pick in Oregon elopement photographers should include someone who’s familiar with the land and preferably has shot there before! 

With gorgeous spots throughout all of this beautiful state, your Oregon elopement photographer should be comfortable with the terrain Oregon has to offer.

Pick a Photographer Who Knows How to Work with Seasonal Weather

It’s no secret that Oregon has a rainy season, but here’s the good news – it doesn’t rain all the time! If you’re planning an Oregon elopement, you just need an elopement photographer who knows the seasons and if by chance it does rain, can work with it.

I’ll never forget the dreamy Oregon elopement I shot for Emily and Simon in Bend Oregon! When we went outside for their ceremony by the water, the mountain skies were full of rain, but that didn’t stop me from capturing their love! The moody skies actually made their Oregon elopement that much more magical.  

Pick an Oregon Elopement Photographer Who Knows How to Plan

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it actually can make or break your Oregon wedding! Picking an Oregon elopement photographer who knows how to plan and carry out that plan – is simply a must! You’ll want someone who is organized, timely, and consistent when it comes to selecting the right Oregon elopement photographer.

Pick a Photographer You’d Want to Spend the Whole Day with … Because You Will!

From planning, to travel, and last-minute decisions – your Oregon elopement photographer will do so much more than just snap photos, they will be with you through almost every part of the day.

On top of capturing beautiful moments before, during, and after your wedding – they will also be planning, directing, and interacting with you and your soon-to-be. Because of this, you’ll want to be sure to pick someone you can picture enjoying your big day with! 

Pick an Oregon Elopement Photographer Who Will Listen

One of THE most important things about your choice in Oregon elopement photographers is picking someone who will listen. The last thing you want is a photographer who won’t take your input, after all – it is your big day! 

Be sure to pick someone who will understand your vision for your dream Oregon elopement so that you ensure you’re getting the best on your wedding day!

Know Your Budget and What You Can Afford 

Although elopements are known to be much less expensive than weddings, they still come with a price! Be honest with yourself and know where you stand when it comes to your elopement budget. Take a look at the packages and pricing options Oregon photographers offer and make your decision from there.

Pick a Photographer You Feel Comfortable With

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel uncomfortable or out of place in front of the camera. After all – the pictures you have taken will be the ones you will look back on in the future to remember the day you said I do! So it’s important that you feel at ease with the photographer of your choice and that you have fun working with them too!

Your Oregon Elopement Photographer Should Be Timely 

A great question to ask when it comes to choosing your photographer is, ‘Once the elopement is over – when are they able to get my photos back to me?” 

There’s nothing worse than waiting longer than you have to, to get the memories of your big day back! That’s why I’ve included in my services – that your wedding photos will be given to you within six weeks from your big day! I also send sneak peeks within 46 hours of the wedding, so you will have some to post and share right away.

Your Oregon Elopement Photographer 

Now that you’ve read my top tips on how to pick the best Oregon elopement photographer, I’m sure you’ll choose the perfect Oregon elopement photographer for your wedding. If you have any questions or just want to chat – be sure to reach out to me on my page! For further help in choosing your Oregon wedding photographer and planning your Oregon wedding, read my blog “Planning an Oregon Elopement? Avoid These Mistakes!”


Photographer holds up her camera and takes a downward shot; image overlaid with text that reads Are You Ready? Choosing An Oregon Elopement Photographer: Everything you Need to Know
Couple share a kiss on top of a mountain during their elopement shoot in Oregon taken by Morgan Wirth; image overlaid with text that reads Choosing An Oregon Elopement Photographer: Everything You Need To Know

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