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How to Choose your Wedding Vendors

When it comes to planning your wedding day, it should be the happiest time in your life! Choosing your your vendors is a big part of executing the perfect day! Vendors are so easily overlooked and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard couples wish they had chosen someone else for their wedding. Knowing how to choose wedding vendors can be confusing. So let’s dive in..



Set your budget and guest count ahead of time! Sit down with your fiance and go over your budget for specific vendors. Making sure you both are on board with your finances will play a big part in searching for your vendors. Discuss what vendors are most important to you and talk over any dream vendors you may already know of! Even if you go over your budget on some things, it will help you both lay out all of your expectations ahead of time!


Make sure to meet all your vendors in person or over a video call. Getting a good sense of who they are is so important. Your vendors will be with you all day, so knowing you click and like them is commonly overlooked! Little things like their demeanor or personality should be an indicator of how they will work on your wedding day! Make sure they are professional and have an easy workflow for you. It shouldn’t take days to connect with them or feel like you are being left in limbo. Find vendors who are on time + organized!


Ask friends who have gotten married about their vendors. It never hurts to get referrals from other friends who have first hand experience working with certain vendors! Ask your vendors for referrals to other vendors too!


A lot of vendors are on Instagram! Look up local hashtags to find vendors who may not have the best websites yet.


Don’t Micromanage! Hire people you can trust. You are hiring them to completely delegate that work over to them!


Be willing to spend more on vendors you LOVE. They are worth it for a reason!


Create a pinterest board and only pin things you want. Don’t fill it with so many options- you will be confused!


Jeannette + Garrett were incredibly intentional about their wedding details. From their color palette to their flat lay details, they wanted to remember every moment. 

“Thoughtful? Check. Fun-loving? Check. Talented? CHECK. Morgan has been my dream photographer from the moment we started talking. As a photographer myself I knew I wanted someone who shot with confidence and captured raw, fleeting moments, and that is Morgan. After our engagement shoot at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon I told all my friends that the experience “Felt like someone just validated our relationship for 2 hours while also taking photos.” Our wedding day (and the months leading up to it) were no different as Morgan took such care and interest in us and made us feel so at ease. She even drove us to our venue and got down with us on the dance floor! When you book with Morgan, you don’t just get a photographer, you get an experience. Would recommend her to anyone look for a wedding/engagement/elopement photographer.”

– Jeannette + Garrett

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