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Romantic Aspen Hall Wedding | Bend, OR

Romantic Aspen Hall Wedding

When I met this amazing couple, Duree and Hayden, I simply fell in love with their story! They found me through a mutual friend, and I had the honor of shooting their engagement photos, which then led to me capturing their wedding day. Hayden and Duree first met, and went on a date that lasted the entire day. They went hiking around Dillon Falls, and just spent the day getting to know each other which soon led to them dating, and now here, these captured moments at their Aspen Hall wedding. 

Duree and Hayden wrote each other notes to give along with a special gift before their Aspen Hall wedding ceremony. When they asked me for advice, this was a suggestion that I offered and they loved it. It was such a sweet and intimate moment for each of them, as they both gave such unique and thoughtful gifts to one another.  

Their wedding day was romantic, earthy, and simple. A vision they both wanted for their special day because they felt it reflected who they are as a couple. They wanted a memorable ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. And I must say, it was absolutely perfect. They even served their guests’ dinner. This took my breath away!

Duree and Hayden truly love and serve one another, as a part of their wedding day, they chose to wash each other’s feet, which moved my heart deeply. It was such a beautiful representation of their love for one another. Hayden was diagnosed with Lymes Disease a few years ago and is still very sick, but Duree has been by his side from day one. Watching their love for each other grow and deepen over the years has been so incredibly sweet! I absolutely loved every minute with this precious couple, from their engagement photos to the heartfelt vows shared with one another at their Aspen Hall wedding, it has truly been a pleasure! 

Final Thoughts

I love capturing the authenticity of a couple’s love, getting to know them, and also being a friendly resource as they prepare for their wedding day. I’ve shot various styles of weddings, and each one is truly special to me.

If you are in the process of planning your own wedding and are still looking for a wedding photographer, I would love to connect with you

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