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What to Send as Your Wedding Photography Client Gifts

Bride looks at and holds up a letter from a paper bag while sitting on a chair; image overlaid with text that reads What to Send as your Wedding Photography Client Gifts

What to Send as Your Wedding Photography Client Gifts

Have you ever struggled with buying the perfect gift for someone? How about one of your clients? I know gift-giving can be a high-pressure dance, and that’s why I wanted to take the time to write this article about some of my favorite ideas when it comes to wedding photography client gifts, and how I deliver them to my clients.

Bride and groom laughing and smiling during their wedding photoshoot, taken by Morgan Wirth

I love to do this as an extra special touch to let my couples know I am thinking of them and that I care about them having the best experience possible. Each gift is something that I know will bring value to my clients, and also items that will simply bring a smile to their face as well. So, if you struggle in the gift-giving department, let me take you through a list of some of my favorite wedding photography client gifts. 

Welcome Packages Are Great Wedding Photography Client Gifts

Bottom line, my goal as a wedding photographer is to provide an amazing client experience, and I know that is yours too. Our clients want the beautiful photos we capture, but they also want the journey in between those photos to be just as memorable. Whether my couples are doing a styled wedding shoot, or a destination wedding, I love being a strong resource for my couples by helping them with ideas and suggestions as often as they need. So when a couple first books with me, I want to send the message right away that I am there for them, and I’ve taken the time to send them items that will make their planning journey more organized and fun! 

As I mentioned, I always send out a welcome package to every new client right after they book with me. Another reason to send this out is to help the couple see that they made the right choice booking with you because dropping a few thousand dollars will often make most couples feel a bit uneasy afterward. During your initial meeting when you are getting to know your couple, ask them questions that tell you a bit about things they like! This is a great opportunity to listen for ideas on how to customize your welcome package. Making the box more personal will show them that you care, that you’re truly listening to them, and that you want to provide them with an experience they’ll never forget!

Wedding Photography Client Gifts That Everyone Will Enjoy

#1 – A Wedding Guide

One of the things I put inside my Welcome Box is a Wedding Guide that I designed. It is full of photos I’ve taken of other couples, helpful tips, and things to think about when planning your day. If you are looking to have a Wedding Guide book of your own, you can find the customizable template here on Etsy! All you have to do is add your logo and your photos!

Customizable template of the wedding guide posted on Etsy

This gift is a wealth of information and just one way I fulfill my promise to be a strong resource to my couples as they plan their big day.

#2 – Vow Books Are An Excellent Gift

Another one of my favorite wedding photography client gifts to give are vow books. Writing your own vows is a wonderful and intentional way to say everything you are pledging to your spouse. Creating a beautiful notebook to keep them in allows a couple to have a keepsake they can cherish forever. Whatever the couple decides to do – whether they want to display the book or keep it private, or if they don’t end up using it all, I love giving them a gift they might not have thought of for themselves. 

#3 – Scented Candles 

Candles are a great way to create ambiance in your home, and when you are writing your vows, ambiance is a great place to start! As mentioned earlier, when you are getting to know your couples, something you can ask them about is their favorite candle scent. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to send, one of my favorite candle scents to give is from World Market, the scent is divine and the jar presentation is gorgeous! 

#4 – Edible Wedding Photography Client Gifts

Maybe your clients aren’t into candles, but they mentioned their favorite sweet, chocolate, or their favorite cookie from a local bakery?

Donuts and sweet treats all laid out on a white tray, a perfect wedding gift for clients

These are great ways to customize your wedding photography client gifts and make your Welcome Box extra-special.

#5 – Handmade Earrings

One item I love to give is handmade earrings! There’s something wonderful that comes across when receiving a handmade gift – I want my clients to feel the extra love I put into taking care of them all the way through to the end. 

Handwritten Finishing Touches 

Every single one of the wedding photography client gifts I’ve mentioned above, I place inside a simple fold-up box that I line with tissue paper and some craft crinkle paper to pretty it up a bit! I put the Wedding Guide in first and then lay out each of the gifts neatly one by one.

Thank you notes available on Etsy, a perfect wedding client gift

One of the last things I do really elevates the gift, (in my opinion), is to handwrite a thank you note that is intentional and heartfelt to the couple. Anyone can do a standard, printed, one-size-fits-all thank you card, but taking the extra time to handwrite a genuine thank you to your clients really goes a long way.  The art of handwriting letters is not all that common anymore, and that is why I think it really means all the more when my couple opens the box and sees a letter I wrote just for them. 

I hope this guide was helpful in getting you to think about how you want to start crafting your wedding photography client gifts in a welcome package! I know your couples will love what you come up with!


Bride and groom smile during their wedding shoot; image overlaid with text that reads What to Send as Your Wedding Photography Client Gifts
Customizable templates for wedding guides on Esty; image overlaid with text that reads What to Send as your Wedding Photography Client Gifts

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