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Venice Beach Engagement Session

A Nostalgic Hometown Venice Beach Engagement  

Marissa and Nick were the dream team to shoot for this nostalgic Venice Beach engagement session. They both live in Venice and had never gotten a chance to get their photos done in a location they love. So the first thing we did was head to the beach! It was a day well spent, capturing their Venice beach engagement session as they strolled along the sand dunes and danced in the sunset. They make for the most dreamy pair! 

A Sweet Romance + a Fun Doggo

My favorite part of the whole shoot was their dog Grey who came along for the fun! He was a bundle of joy as he joined in on the pictures and chased the birds away. Grey plays a huge part in Marissa and Nick’s life. So they wanted him to be a part of their sweet Venice Beach engagement session. I thought it was the perfect idea! Grey didn’t miss a beat when it came to posing with mom and dad, and Marissa and Nick beamed to have their furry friend there! 

A Stunning Sunset Sky 

The sunset at Venice Beach was nothing short of magic. Marissa and Nick crushed this moody ocean scene! I loved getting to capture their romantic gestures and sweet embraces as the sun slipped down behind them. Their silhouettes were stunning against the faded blues of the Cali sky.

The Perfect Engagement Session  

From the dreamy sand dunes to the ocean shoreline, this couple knew how to show off their love and have fun! Much like a wedding shoot I did in Breckenridge, this Venice Beach engagement session was the perfect combination of sweet romance and nature. I loved getting to take photos of this couple simply doing what they love! If you’re like Marissa and Nick and want to capture the engagement of your dreams, reach out to me here or visit my page to view more of what I do!

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